Subsidy scheme for wineries

Beneficiaries (ΔΙΚΑΙΟΥΧΟΙ) of the project are:

  1. Beneficiary Category “A”: Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises belonging to the category of SMEs. The grant will amount to 40% of the eligible cost.
  2. Beneficiary Category “B”: Enterprises which do not belong to category A and which employ fewer than 750 employees or have an annual turnover of less than 200 million euros.  The grant will amount to 20% of the eligible cost.
  3. Beneficiary Category “C”: Enterprises employing more than 750 employees or having an annual turnover of more than 200 million euros. The grant will amount to 15 % of the eligible cost.

It is emphasized that no funding will be granted to problematic enterprises.

Eligible costs for this call are:

  1. the construction, acquisition, leasing or improvement of immovable property;
  2. the purchase/construction or leasing of new machinery
  3. general costs linked to the costs selected, in particular architects, engineers, consultation fees and feasibility studies;
  4. the acquisition or development of computer software and the acquisition of patents, licenses, intellectual property rights and the registration of collective marks;

Applications will only be submitted electronically until 31/1/2024. Applications are evaluated based on the date of submission and until the available budget of the call is exhausted.

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