Upcoming Seminars

We are excited to announce that we will be offering again our series of training programs on Managing people.

After being embraced by the participants, this series of seminars has been ongoing since 2020.

Here are the top reasons to attend our workshops.

Our experienced instructors deliver the managing people series of workshops in a way that will help your business flourish by leveraging the potential of your personnel. You will work in small groups with people from various organizations, giving you the opportunity to share experiences from a range of perspectives.

You will learn how to confidently and consistently lead your staff, so they understand what is required of them and be able to perform at their best, through a combination of educational tools for adults, conversations, and interactive activities.

The sessions will be delivered in such a way that will enable you to 

  • Develop your leadership and management style
  • Understand the needs of your team members
  • Create a positive and supportive working environment for all
  • Solve performance and behaviour problems early
  • Develop further soft skills like emotional intelligence, communication, problem-solving, conflict management, self-confidence, self–esteem, time management, team working, etc
  • Deal with personal issues objectively and thoughtfully
  • Improve your communication skills and handle difficult conversations with confidence
  • Get familiar with the 12 different forms of assistance for task execution
  • Motivate and give appropriate guidance to their staff
  • Get to know a number of tools and techniques available for human resource management (the power method, the no lose method, etc.)
  • Understand the stages of a negotiation
  • Acquire knowledge to formulate quality and targeted presentations in the workplace
  • Understand the mistakes you make in solving complex problems