Plan to upgrade restaurants and traditional taverns

Beneficiaries (δικαιούχοι) are:

  1. Natural or legal persons, who are the Entrepreneurs of a Restaurant or Tavern, and on the day of submission of the Application, hold a license to operate a category of Restaurant or Tavern by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. If the operating licence concerns a double category, at least one of the two categories must be a restaurant or tavern.
  2. Shops selling traditional food products. Entrepreneurs, natural or legal persons, who operate their businesses and hold a store license from the competent local authority and sell traditional food products.

Applications will be accepted until 08/01/2024 at 12:00pm or until the available budget is exhausted, whichever comes first.

Depending on the area where the restaurant/shop is located, it can be subsidized at a rate of 50 – 75% of the cost for investments related to the following categories:

  1. Digital Upgrade
  2. Building, Electromechanical works and Other Indoor and Outdoor Works,
  3. Machinery, Furniture and Equipment
  4. Consultants’ and Experts’ Fees
  5. Consumables up to a maximum of €100 per table
  6. Costs directly resulting from the conditions of funding (e.g. Publicity, Transparency and Dissemination)